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Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas, Present

If you're looking for a Christmas book filled with good cheer and happy tidings, Christmas, Present by Jacquelyn Mitchard is NOT for you. Reading the premise from the back cover promises that" a family comes together during the holiday season as they learn a powerful lesson about love and how to live each day of their lives as if it were their last." This is NOT a happy story, while there might be a message tucked inside that tomorrows are never a guarantee and that we should embrace the present as if is the only day we will ever have.

As Elliot and Laura Banner make plans for their fourteenth wedding anniversary by attending a very wonderful play that Laura has been wanting to see performed by Cirque du Soleil only to have their car break down on their way home. Laura has been dealing with a horrible headache that she feels is a migraine, although she has never had one. She begs Elliot to take her to the hospital or at least call for an ambulance because she feels something isn't quite right. After considerable stalling, Laura begs a policeman to call the ambulance for her. Elliot can sense at this point that she doesn't look right and agrees.

When they arrive at the hospital, Laura is whisked away while Elliot deals with the paperwork only to learn that despite all his efforts, Laura has had a rupture of a major artery in her brain and has only hours left to live. Even if he had called for an ambulance when she experienced her headache, it would have been too late to do anything. While the doctor believes some internet searching and calling some colleagues might yield a different result, he tells Elliot that she will continue to have seizures until she lapses into a coma and dies.

I received Christmas, Present by Jacquelyn Mitchard, compliments of William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins Publishers. I guess the intent in the writing this novel is to embrace our days even more than we do now, because we always believe there will be a tomorrow. But like the Bible reminds us, life is merely a vapor. It is gone much too soon, and then we are faced with dealing with regrets for things we never did, believing we could always do it later. I would advise, NOT reading this during Christmas as the holidays are difficult to get through without reading something not so cheerful. I had hoped it would turn out differently but it doesn't. This is not a book with a happily ever after ending, unless it is a that the family will eventually move on, dealing with their losses in their own way. For me, I'd rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017


When you look at the state of the world around us, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine a future. Even more so is to imagine a future with religion in it. For as long as we can read throughout history there has been religion in it. Some might even argue that if religion were removed from every social and racial group, the world might just be a better place, since so many wars seemed to have been founded on religious interests. Move the world forward to the year 2089 and imagine a world without religion. That is the setting for Randy C. Dockens novel T-H-B. It is the first in the Coded Message Trilogy and it all begins when a confetti-size piece of paper falls at the feet of astrophysicist, Luke Loughton. All it contains on it is the letters T-H-B. Another man quickly appears as if looking for that same paper and as Luke intends to offer it to him, as if he lost it, the man quickly vanishes.

Thinking nothing of it, he places it in his pocket and continues to head on it to work at the Houston Aerospace Engineering Center working on tasks for an upcoming Mars mission via his holo-computer which removes the screen as a feature and instead projects a 3-D hologram to work from. He anticipates a way to date a fellow co-worker Sarah, a physician and fellow neighbor out to dinner. The date is set for after work but before he can get a chance to follow through on his intentions, two federal agents show up to arrest Luke, based on the evidence they find on him containing the T-H-B message. Despite his arguments of just randomly finding it on his was into work, he is physically detained and tossed into a holding cell.

A woman enters, that Luke refers to as the Ice Lady, who questions him about what he knows about T-H-B, which is essentially nothing. A man enters to room to provide him with a purple fluid to be injected into him and promises that they will know everything momentarily. When Luke wakes up, he still vaguely remembers why he is still in a holding cell, but can't remember what he told the investigators. Sarah shows up to bail him out and take him home, where his entire apartment has been ransacked. Further more, when he arrives at work, no one can remember anything except that Luke was taken from the facility by two EMT's and they are all concerned about his apparent illness. It seems that Sarah and Luke are the only ones not affected by the circumstances because these people truly believe what they saw. This only leads to the investigation now that Sarah and Luke will begin to discover what exactly T-H-B means, and what is someone hiding that can affect an entire population.

I received T-H-B by Randy C. Dockens compliments of Clovercroft Publishing. This is a unique blend of Science Fiction and Mystery as you find yourself like me, wondering just what is T-H-B and what does it mean? Why are so many working to prevent others from discovering its secret? Join our characters along for the ride as a silent observer and get prepared for the sequel slated to be launched in early 2018. When you look into the authors' background, you get a clear sense that he is writing from experience and that is what makes this novel believable. I  would give this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars in this readers opinion.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas at Grey Sage

For a loving couple who have had to deal with the loss of a child, it can be more than they can bear. Often times, marriages aren't simply strong enough to deal with two people dealing with it in a way that is helpful for themselves. For the New Mexico Inn, The Grey Sage Inn, owners Maude and Silas have found a workable solution. They simply step out of their normal lives, leave Christmas far behind and loss themselves in some unknown location and simply forget about the past. Only this year will be unlike any other they have known and despite all the best intended plans, it will not go as years past.

When an unexpected snowstorm strands those Inn guests forcing them to stay long past any previous Christmas plans they had, Maude and Silas will need to keep the Inn open. Where else do they expect all their guests to stay if they follow through on their yearly plans. This time, however, they will get to know those who have been divinely appointed to make a safe haven within the walls of the Inn. They will get to know them more than their name signed in the guest registry, or their credit card payments for their room rate. In fact, for those staying during this unexpected time, perhaps maybe kindred spirits will find a way to share how they have moved past their own horrors and find a solace that Christmas can only provide.

The one thing that will unite them is there is no way to escape. No where to go. No where to hide. All will be forced to come to terms with sharing their own personal stories of heartache, loss, pain, and forgiveness to find proof that hope, peace, love and even joy in the darkest of times can be found, if one only remembers to turn on the light. The light that can be found only in the gift of life that was so unselfishly given one Christmas night when Christ was born.

I received Christmas at Grey Sage by Phyllis Clark Nichols compliments of Gilead Publishing and Litfuse Publicity. I love that this takes the Christmas story of sorts and puts a unique twist to it. Unlike Mary and Joseph that were turned away when there was no room found for them at any of the Inns, this time guests will find that even though this is the most difficult time of the year, Maude and Silas are willing to step out in faith and open their Inn and their hearts to their grateful guests. There are also some tasty recipes that can be found at the conclusion of this novel and one that perhaps will remind us all that the greatest gift that can be found this Christmas season can't be bought, but freely given! I give this one a 5 out of 5 stars in this reader's opinion.

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Mrs. Miracle

"Some marriages are made in heaven, but they all have to be maintained on earth." ~ Mrs. Miracle.

For Seth Webster, his life might be defined as the perfect picture for chaos. Left alone after his wife died in a tragic car accident with two twin boys and a busy job, he was completely at odds with what to do. Now four years later he can't seem to figure out a way to move forward and even manage the life of two overly-active boys who need him as much as he needs help. He was given a four year reprieve when his parents Sharon and Jerry offered to step in and move the twins in with them. Only in four years, he still had no better clue in how to handle them then he did when his wife was still alive. How could he when he could barely take care of himself. Ever single housekeeper/nanny had been exhausted and the longest any one of them could stay was 6-weeks after dealing with the Webster household. What he needed was a true miracle. And that is just what showed up at the front door.

Mrs. Emily Merkle claimed to have been sent by the agency that employed every other housekeeper/nanny ever sent but there was something oddly comforting about her, think Mary Poppins but quite a bit older. She possessed a quiet sense of order, yet offered a sense of peace and comfort that was sadly missing in their chaotic lives. The boys instantly adapted to her quite quickly and soon Seth learned that she could sense what was needed before it was ever asked for. She got the family back to church and much like Mary Poppins began to shape their lives into one that had been missing for so long as if she had been heaven sent. It's funny that the twins being unable to pronounce her name, called her Mrs Miracle instead.

Reba Maxwell needed to find her faith again. She simply attended church because it was something she knew she needed but unable to find forgiveness for her sister that stole the only man she had hoped to love and marry. She didn't even end up marrying him either, she simply wanted to ensure that her sister, Reba didn't either. For years, they remained at a distance even though Reba's sister wanted to end the ongoing feud that kept the family apart. She just didn't know how to let go of the anger and pain that now came up immediately whenever her parents brought it up, especially at Christmas time, when they wanted the family all together again. But Reba wasn't ready nor did she think she ever would be. All she knows is that for some reason, she is attracted to a man that comes by the grocery store and looks about as lost in his life as she is in hers. How can she find a way to make a connection so they can talk? The miracles are about to begin.

I received Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber compliments of William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins Publishers. This has so many wonderful surprises tucked inside this novel, like all the comfort foods that Emily makes the family. I simply can't wait to try them all. This is a Hallmark Channel movie as well, but for me, you can't fit all the wonderfulness of a novel in a simple movie. I would encourage you all to pick up a copy of this novel. I absolutely LOVE all the quotes at the beginning of each chapter like the one that opens this review. What a wonderful gift to someone who might be needing their own Christmas miracle. Perhaps that is just the point. I easily give this book a 5 out of 5 stars in my personal opinion.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Family Honor Plate

In this day in age, with technology looming always nearby, it is sad to see that many families are spending more time online than with those in the present time. In fact, I see a trend that will continue to widen the gap unless family gather together and work on keeping things face to face and keeping traditions alive within the family, even if separated by the miles. Family Honor Plate and Table Thyme Discussion Questions are just the perfect thing to begin around the dinner table whether on that Sunday dinner, a special holiday, or simply whenever you can get together to enjoy a technology free moment.

The Family Honor Plate is a ceramic honor plate based on the Fruits of the Spirit found in the Bible under Galatians 5:22. To take those reminders a step further, the entire family can join in and create an honor plate. You simply paint it with the paints provided in the kit and bake it, and finding ways to incorporate it into your family dinners. It might be to place special emphasis on something a child or family member received, great grades, a special recognition at school or work, perhaps a dance recital or role in a school play. Your family decides how they want to incorporate the family Honor Plate. My family and I are so scattered throughout the country, we can agree that Christmas is the time when we all get together. So we designed our plate around that time, since my family now has their own families they are beginning.

We decided on Christmas dinner, that the recipient that receives the honor plate doesn't have to clean up after dinner, and they get a $15.00 gift card of their choice. The person doesn't know that they are the special guest until they look underneath their plate and see that they have been selected to be the guest of honor at our family dinner table. We have found a way to use the discussion questions included with the Table Thyme Discussion Questions. When we are on the phone with one another, we simply select a topic or question at random to generate more than the simple, how are you doing call. It allows to connect on much deeper levels in communication. We have also decided that throughout the year, the Family Honor Plate will be mailed out to the next family member to use until they bring it back at Christmas time allowing them to begin to expand the tradition in their own homes with family and friends.

I received the Family Honor Plate and Table Thyme Discussion Questions compliments of FlyBy Promotions and Honor Plate. This is just a reminder of how traditions are created and implemented within our families. It begins with an idea of finding ways to keep the family close and I can't think of a better way to do just that. The company is even offering you a 20% discount on your order, so why not find a way to put technology down and keep the family close and focused on what is really important and that is what is right in front of you. I easily give this a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

The Gift of Christmas Past

I'm sure all of us can remember our first loves. Those times when we believed we were invincible based on the belief that love would and could conquer any challenges that we faced. Then it seems as if somewhere along the way our fairy tale bubble burst. We were faced with dealing with picking up the pieces of our broken hearts and no longer did we want to believe in love again. That is the very underlying theme facing Hadley when faced with moving from foster home to foster home and dealing with the emotions one might when you feel your life slipping away. Now trying to work through anger management issues and facing the threat of possible jail time for a crime she didn't intentionally commit.

She was now facing having to find somewhere else to live after her current foster parents were asking her to leave. They couldn't deal with her lies and not being able to trust her, when they had tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. But Hadley knew that if she could just find a way to reach Monroe, the love of her life, she might convince him to marry her quickly and the two of them could runaway together and find a new life and future. After he gladly proposes, he tells her that he will meet her later once he is able to go home, talk to his parents and get the money he has saved up, which will be just what they need to start over. Only like most parents, they refused to let Monroe leave. Once they knew that Hadley was facing jail time, his wealthy parents, offered to pay for the best lawyer and provide a financial scholarship for her to continue to pursue her dream as a speech therapist without knowing his family provided it. It was the only reasonable option that would benefit Hadley the most, and with it came the exception that he could not reveal any of it to Hadley and he would break off any future contact with her.

Now ten years later, the two have moved on respectively in their own futures but like all divine appointments, God will once again intervene like a wonderful Hallmark movie and cause them to reconnect not only to find out if they have feelings for one another, but more importantly to heal the brokenness they each have carried since carrying the secrets into their futures. Will there be a true Christmas miracle in store for them both and will love really conquer their tainted pasts to give them a future neither could imagine? Pick this one up to find out.

I received The Gift of Christmas Past by Cindy and Erin Woodsmall compliments of Woodsmall Press and Litfuse Publicity. While you might be thinking this is something predictable, there is a bigger lesson at work between the cover of this novel. It is showing that forgiveness can be found, even if despite all the evidence facing you that points to someone's guilt, resolution is possible. It shows how carrying secrets that could lead to restoration have caused additional pain and hurt that were not needed, but most of all it does show that love really is the greatest gift one could possess. I give this novel a 4 out of 5 stars and it does include discussion guide questions at the conclusion which is perfect for book clubs.

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Friday, December 1, 2017


Do you have the courage, the hope and the faith to step into your future - no matter where in this world it takes you?

I have a lot of respect for women who gave up whatever hope they had for a future staying where things may have been comfortable and not so challenging. Ones who followed a song in their hearts to make a different someplace else, even if society would frown on those decisions and even make them downright difficult. Follow author Catherine Marshall as she takes readers into the life of her grandmother who did just that. For Christy Huddleson, whom at 19-years-old followed her heart and faith and left Asheville, North Carolina to become a teacher in a little known place called Cutter Gap in Tennessee.

We all know that the people who live in small mountain communities have their own ways of doing things, from medical care to house to raise their own food, and when someone comes along with a different way of learning, that can sometimes pose more than a few challenges to what could be considered an "outsider." But it will create opportunities as well for both Christy to learn from those she wants to teach. In order to open up her own life and share the faith deep within her will take a lot of faith and hope in order to help those she seeks to teach, that she isn't changing the way they have been doing things, but to get them to understand that they too can have the opportunities if they are just willing to give her a chance.

But like most folks who walk away from a different lifestyle into something that looks like took a step backwards in time, Christy gets to a point where she goes to her mentor Alice and kindly tells her she has had enough of things she can't explain and how she doesn't believe she is cut out for the job. Alice reminds her it is like staking a claim. In order for men to acquire land, they had to move out and claim what they wanted. If he didn't move, nothing happened. God has all kinds of riches for all of us. Not just spiritual riches either. His promises in the Bible are His way of telling us what's available. But this plenty doesn't become ours until we drive in our stake on a particular promise and thus indicate that we accept that gift. That, Christy, is 'claiming.' But we were talking a while ago about running back to our ivory tower. You see, Christy, evil is real - and powerful. It has to be fought, not explained away, not fled. And God is against evil all the way. So each of us has to decide where we stand, how we're going to live our lives. We can try to persuade ourselves that evil doesn't exist; live for ourselves and wink at evil. We can say that it isn't so bad after all, maybe even try to call it fun by clothing it in silks and velvets. We can compromise with it, keep quiet about it and say it's none of our business. Or we can work on God's side, listen for His orders on strategy against the evil, no matter how horrible it is, and know that He can transform it."

I received Christy by Catherine Marshall compliments of Evergreen Farm Publishing and Litfuse Publicity. There are so many great take aways, it's hard to list them all. This is like a Laura Ingalls Wilder book but there is a different premise involved. Still Christy begins to learn as much from the people she is committed to serving as they do from her. She realizes that God has called her to this purpose in her life, to help those that most don't even know exist, from their backwards practices on how to handle a colicky baby, which results in her death, to seeing the vast differences between the two worlds she encounters. Something simple like a pair of shoes, is truly a gift to behold. I believe everyone should read this book, as a reminder of how abundant our lives truly are, and perhaps we will all embrace God's calling in our own lives that may take us out of our comfort zones and truly Love those, whom God has called us to serve. Well worth all 5 out of 5 stars and one book I know I will be re-reading again and again.

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Some stories are evergreen, their themes and lessons standing the test of time and connecting with readers generation after generation. Reconnect with Catherine Marshall's beloved Christy as it celebrates its 50th anniversary with a new edition! As nineteen-year-old teacher Christy struggles to find acceptance in her new home of Cutter Gap, some see her-and her one-room school-as a threat to their way of life. Her faith is challenged and her heart is torn between two strong men with conflicting views about how to care for the families of the Cove. Yearning to make a difference, will Christy's determination and devotion be enough?

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